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Dinosaur Feathers!

A dinosaur with feathers? Well I'm sure!
The spectacle's more than I can endure.

Next, mules are born with earrings, snakes have knees,
And furry goldfish populate the seas.

I can just as well believe those things
As that a dinosaur ever had wings.

Oh, dear! Now I must eat my words. Here goes:
One dinosaur had quills, the record shows.

It found the nerve, it seems, to fly around.
Who knew a dinosaur could leave the ground?

The fellow flapped and soared, knew how to glide
With help from feathers poking from its hide.

Its moniker is Archaeopteryx.
It was the granddaddy of ducks and chicks,

Of all our feathered friends, the ones that fly,
And those that only walk when they go by.

Archie had a look that was absurd:
Some three-fourths reptile and one quarter bird.

He had a wishbone, teeth and claws and tail,
A set of feathers like a coat-of-mail.

They have deduced that Archie dressed in black,
Supposing that it helped avoid attack.

I'm glad that I have met this crazy coot,
Whose featheredness I thought was such a hoot.

I daydream now about an ancient throng
Of bird-o-saurs endowed with dino-song.

(JMN, 25-Jan-2012)


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