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What Are The Odds?

That a guy who straddles a big Harley
Refers to his darling as "my old lady"?

That his old lady with her lovely tan
Calls her bewhiskered hero "my old man"?

That when you salt and pepper that good snack
You shake the white stuff first and then the black?

That when you don your undies one leg goes
Before the other? Which one first? Who knows?

That highly educated persons need
To start each sentence with the word "indeed"?

That on the farm, where simple ways are dear,
The people say "yonder," not "over there"?

That in the city, full of nips and tucks,
You'll never hear a person say "aw, shucks"?

But here's a word of caution, if you please:
When you are spouting generalities

The odds are, if you stereo the types,
You'll bump into a barking dog that bites.

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